Cabrach playing outside the Marine Hotel in StonehavenBorn out of the lively folk scene in Aberdeen, these accomplished session musicians regularly played, and still play, socially in the pubs, hotels and festivals throughout Aberdeenshire.

So well did they perform together that they were continually being asked to play for functions and weddings, but they always declined these offers, much to the disappointment of the folks concerned, as they did not consider themselves to be a “formal band”. All this changed in 2006, when they travelled to Wales to play at a ceilidh in Pen-y-bont. They thoroughy enjoyed themselves and started to play local gigs.

This initial success, which came as no surprise to anyone but themselves, caused them to re-consider their position, and finally to recognise that their own traditional music sound appealed to a hugely appreciative audience.

This sound is achieved by the careful blend of their instruments, each recognisably unique in its own right, but none is ever allowed to totally dominate the music; well balanced some would call it.

So the combination of fiddle, banjo, concertina, guitar and bodhrán all contribute to the overall musical experience.

The band is equally happy to play at Ceilidhs, Functions or Concerts wherever a traditional music band is needed: whether the venue is large or small, near or far, it makes no difference.

We can promise you a good time will be had by one and all.